The 2021 Australia-Vietnam Young Leadership Dialogue was hosted in September 2021, bringing together 22 young leaders from across diverse industries in Australia and Vietnam.

The program was centred around the theme ‘Regeneration’, challenging young leaders with new paradigms and shaping their minds to think more deeply about their role and responsibility in supporting Australia, Vietnam, and the bilateral relationship to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The dialogue focused on ‘Regeneration’ of the following themes:

  • Cultural – From economic leadership to social leadership
  • Social – Redefining ownership
  • Ecological – Finite resources of planet earth

DAY 1  |  Global Leadership

Delegates explored how to lead with courage and the need for humility to develop their own leadership capacity. This was followed by a session on governance in a globalized world looking at how delegates could personally take the lead in developing more inclusive, accountable and public-spirited organisations. The day finished with a lunch reception with the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam.

DAY 2  |  Harnessing Opportunities

Centered around harnessing opportunities, delegates were challenged to consider how they can redesign our economies to respond to the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Entrepreneurial and social responsible thinking to address inequalities was examined and followed by a session on optimising performance and pitching with impact.

DAY 3  |  Sustaining Our Futures

Delegates explored where Australia and Vietnam are at in terms of educating for innovation and the economic needs of the 21st century. This was followed by a critical panel session on gender justice and environmental sustainability and how delegates can consider sustainable practices in their communities and sectors they are working in.

DAY 4  |  Building Momentum

Delegates participated in sessions on Australia and Vietnam 2030 – exploring identity, aspirations and challenges. Delegates had the opportunity to work on their delegate projects and their cohort’s vision for 2030.

DAY 5 | Transforming Our Present and Future

Engaging with senior Australia and Vietnam’s leaders, delegates shared their plans on how they would continue to grow stronger ties between Australia and Vietnam spanning across sectors and industries.
Date & time
Sunday 5th, September, 2021
Online (via Zoom)
Organised by
Organised by: Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue in partnership wtih NSW Government