An investigation into the concept of port service quality (PSQ) and examination of its influence on customer satisfaction in the container port sector in Vietnam.

Despite the importance of the maritime industry in which port is a critical sector in the national economy, there has been no research so far which examines what PSQ entails and how it affects customer satisfaction in the context of Vietnam.

Results from this study reveal that  that enhanced PSQ will positively influence customer satisfaction, in which the outcomes of port service performance and its image would have the greatest impact. Interestingly, most items relating to social and environmental responsibility were dropped, and this result is expected in the context of a developing country like Vietnam.


Publication Date: June 2020

Your Authors
Tien Minh Phan
Department of Business, Vietnam Maritime University
Vinh V. Thai
Vinh V. Thai
School of Accounting, Information Systems and Supply Chain, RMIT University
Thao Phuong Vu
Division of Business Logistics, Faculty of Marketing, Thuongmai University