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Visiting Fellows

The Australia Vietnam Policy Institute Visiting Fellow Program (VFP) aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between Australian and Vietnamese policymakers, scholars, and industry practitioners.

Program objectives

The Visiting Fellow program has been running since the AVPI’s launch in February 2022 and aims to become a leading thought leadership dialogue on the bilateral relationship, providing expert insight and commentary as it continues to flourish.

Visiting Fellows will raise awareness of the opportunities for greater trade and investment between Australia and Vietnam through providing leading perspectives on bilateral issues, opportunities for Australian businesses in Vietnam, and sharing success stories of Australian projects and ventures in Vietnam.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible participants include researchers, policymakers, academics, or industry leaders with experience and expertise in areas relevant to Australia-Vietnam relations. Visiting Fellows are expected to write articles on relevant topics to Australia-Vietnam trade and investment and the AVPI will collaborate with Fellows to provide guidance.


AVPI Visiting Fellows

The AVPI has engaged the following Visiting Fellows

Current Visiting Fellows
Senior Lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences at VinUniversity
Deputy Director of Asia Program, International Crisis Group and Chair of AVPI Advisory Board
Past Visiting Fellows
Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Minerva University and former Pro Vice Chancellor and General Director of RMIT University in Vietnam
Associate Professor, Griffith Asia Institute
Associate Dean, Computer Science and Software Engineering
Counter-Cyber Crime Advisor, UNODC and Chair of Board of Directors, Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue

Interested in becoming a Visiting Fellow?

If you’re interested in contributing to the AVPI as a Visiting Fellow, please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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