Australia-Vietnam Investment Challenges Survey

The Australia Vietnam Policy Institute (AVPI) is taking forward the inaugural Australia-Vietnam Business Champions’ recommendation to explore what a ‘clearing house’ mechanism to address investment challenges could look like.

We’re seeking insights and contributions from Australian businesses on the challenges industry are facing when investing in Vietnam, to support government-to-government advocacy and the development of policy interventions to boost Australian investment outcomes in Vietnam.

This activity received grant funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program.

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Share your experiences. Shape better investments.

Fill out this short 5 question survey to help us address the issues you’re facing when looking to invest in Vietnam.











    Tell us a bit about yourself

    What are the top 1-3 barriers to investing in Vietnam your organisation has faced?

    Have you received government support in addressing these barriers to date?

    If so, please briefly outline the type of support (e.g. regulatory insights, advocacy, policy updates etc.).

    What further government interventions or policies could help overcome these barriers?

    Is there anything else you would like to add?


    Thank you for your inputs and the time taken to complete this survey.

    For more information or to input further please contact the AVPI team on [email protected]

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What led to the initiation of this survey? plus minuse
    In May 2023, the AVPI launched the Australia-Vietnam Business Champions Recommendation Report, presenting 15 recommendations for intensifying commercial engagement across the Australia-Vietnam relationship. Recommendation 5 from the Australian Business Champions was to Establish a ‘Clearing House’ to Support Investment. This survey is the first step in establishing this mechanism to understand and address investment challenges. To read more about this initiative head to our About page.
    How will this survey help solve the investment challenges? plus minuse
    Australian companies are reporting ongoing concerns around ambiguous regulatory and legal frameworks, and complex and uncertain trade and investment processes.

    This survey will provide clarity on the specific issues industry are having in investing in Vietnam, both perceived and existing. We anticipate that these responses will assist the Australian and Vietnamese Governments in resolving commercial concerns around barriers that act as deterrents for Australian investment into Vietnam.
    Will this mechanism cover provincial or national jurisdictions? plus minuse
    We aim to address both provincial and national jurisdictions with this mechanism. However, the depth in which we can address provincial-based issues will be dependent on the spread and detail of survey responses.
    I haven’t invested in Vietnam yet, is this survey still relevant for me to fill out? plus minuse
    Yes! We’re seeking a broad range of responses, from organisations that have had an investment relationship with Vietnam for a long period of time, right through to those who are in the early stages of considering it. We are seeking both known and experienced challenges, as well as those that you perceive or expect to face. Both perspectives assist us in both identifying areas where better information, context and communications is needed, and those where policy intervention and framework changes are required.
    Will the survey results be made accessible to the public? plus minuse
    The results of this survey will be shared with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) with the view to influence policy decisions regarding investment into Vietnam. At this stage in developing the clearing house mechanism, all results will remain confidential. If we do release the results of the survey publicly at a later date, all answers will be de-identified.
    Will my answers remain anonymous? plus minuse
    Your identity and answers will remain confidential. Should the AVPI or DFAT wish to discuss your insights further or potentially use your organisation as a case study, we will contact you.