Asialink Business 2022 Foundation Week – Vietnam Spotlight Session PowerPoint

Australia’s relationship with Asia continues to grow as the region becomes critical to Australia’s recovery. Organisations are increasingly becoming interested in the region and are seeking advice on how to best engage with Asia.  

Last week, Asialink Business hosted Foundation Week, bringing together Asialink Leaders and providing opportunities to develop understanding of Asia while forming connections and relationships with individuals with extensive knowledge and expertise of the region. This year’s Foundation Week focused on four themes: diversification, acceleration to digital, inclusive and sustainable growth and identity, image and influence.  

Speakers attended country-related sessions, bringing perspectives ranging from business, arts, policy and international relations, diplomacy and academia. The three guiding questions Why Asia, Why Now and Why Me? Were posed for consideration throughout the week.  

The third day of Foundation Week hosted a deep dive into Vietnam and featured Layton Pike, Director Global Strategy & Chief Global Adviser for RMIT University. The Vietnam Spotlight Session explored Vietnam’s political systems, remarkable socio-economic growth, shifts in cultural ideologies, outward looking foreign policies and the strong relationship with Australia. The talk also explored initiatives that have deepened the bilateral relationships between Australia and Vietnam such as the establishment of RMIT Vietnam, the first international university and largest education investor and the inaugural Australia Vietnam Policy Institute (AVPI).  

Below is a PDF version of Layton’s presentation, with some key information that could be useful to businesses and professionals looking to explore the Australia Vietnam bilateral relationship

Full photo album from Day 3 of the event can be found here.


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Monday 23rd May, 2022
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