Interview with Australian Business Champion to Vietnam - Rob Gordon, CEO, SunRice

Australian Business Champion to Vietnam, Rob Gordon joined us for an interview at the AVPI Sydney Roundtable in 2022 to discuss his role as a Business Champion, his lessons learnt from his time working in Vietnam, what opportunities there are for business in this market and why the time for Vietnam is now.

Rob Gordon has been the CEO of SunRice Group since 2012 and brings over 30 years of senior strategic experience in the agricultural and food sector to his role as Business Champion.

Rob’s appointment to Business Champion representing the Agriculture sector is a reflection of his extensive experience across the sector, his knowledge of building a company’s brand, reputation and capability in Vietnam’s market and his commitment to making it sustainable and beneficial for the Vietnamese people.

This interview forms part of the AVPI’s ‘Approaching 50 years of diplomatic relations’ series. Across 2022 we sat down with several key stakeholders at our events to discuss the upcoming milestone between Australia and Vietnam, their reflections on the relationship and what they hope we can achieve together in the future.

Publication Date
Monday 28th November, 2022