Vietnam’s surging demand for energy will require significant investment in coming years. The government has ambitious plans to develop renewable energy, particularly solar and wind power.

Achieving these targets will require around AUD200 billion investment in power generation and transmission by 2030 based on the Vietnam Government’s plans. Australian investors and businesses are yet to establish a significant presence in Vietnam’s energy transition, but they have the potential to make a substantial impact. To achieve this, they will need to navigate a complex business and regulatory landscape, which includes uncertainties surrounding energy pricing, such as Feed-in Tariffs.

Businesses that begin building their market knowledge, presence and connections now will have a strategic advantage in participating in Vietnam’s energy transition.

This is the second paper in a series of briefing papers developed by AVPI Founding Partner, AsiaLink, together with the Climateworks Centre. This paper touches on the opportunities and challenges in the energy transition as Vietnam looks to decarbonise its energy generation. It focuses on emissions reduction from energy generation, with another subsequent paper to examine energy consuming sectors.

This briefing paper was originally published by AVPI Founding Partner, AsiaLink and has been republished with full permission from the author. To view the original resource please click here.

Publication Date
Thursday 19th October, 2023