As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into daily life, there is a pressing need for Vietnam to enhance its digital skills.

While digital technologies offer access to vast information, effectively utilising it can be challenging. Prioritising digital competence will not only address economic challenges but also establish Vietnam as a prominent digital leader in the region.

Digital competence plays a vital role in shaping a thriving digital society. It will accelerate the implementation of the national strategy for digital and green transformation, foster digital civility, and prepare the country for technological mega-trends. This strategic focus promises significant benefits and ensures Vietnam’s preparedness for a better future.

This report was written by AVPI Founding Partner, RMIT University Vietnam. The report emphasises the critical role of digital competence, especially in Vietnam’s rapidly evolving world and presents successful examples of digital competence development programs from other countries.

Key takeaways

  • Establish a nationwide digital competence assessment for informed policymaking and training program development.
  • Conduct a comprehensive nationwide survey to accurately assess the digital competence of all Vietnamese citizens.
  • Address digital competence assessment challenges for hard-to-reach populations, particularly those residing in remote areas with limited internet access or individuals from
    underrepresented age, education, or disability groups.
  • Prioritise training programs to improve digital proficiency in problem-solving, safety, and digital content creation among Vietnamese citizens.
  • Promote the adoption of DigComp frameworks in various contexts.



Publication Date
Wednesday 27th September, 2023
Your Authors
Associate Professor Trung Nguyen
Head of Department, Management Lead of Smart & Sustainable Hub, The Business School, RMIT University
Professor Robert Mcclelland
Dean, The Business School, RMIT Vietnam
Pham Thi Anh Ngoc
Research Fellow, RMIT Vietnam
Dang Pham Thien Duy
Senior Lecturer, HDR Coordinator, RMIT Vietnam
Hoang Ai Phuong
Senior Program Manager, Digital, Marketing, RMIT Vietnam
Burkhard Schrage
Senior Lecturer, Senior Program Manager, MBA/EMBA and Management Programs, RMIT Vietnam
Nguyen Van Thang Long
Senior Lecturer, Professional, Communication, RMIT Vietnam