This project was identifying and facilitating adoption of technologies and strategies for sustainable groundwater utilisation and developing options for improving the productivity of soils in South Central Coastal Vietnam (SCC VN) and Western Australia (WA).

Almost 70% of the nine million people living in SSC VN earn a living from agriculture. Given that rural poverty is high, improving returns from agricultural production is vital to improving livelihoods in the region.

Groundwater-dependent farming systems in SCC VN are mostly established on sands. The groundwater is vulnerable to over exploitation and pollution due to nutrient and contaminant leaching. The region experiences severe flooding in the wet season, and soil water deficits and water shortages in the dry season.

Improving knowledge of groundwater resources will improve planning and regulation, and boost livelihoods on farms through more productive water and nutrient use. Australia has the expertise to address some of the major challenges to crop production in the region arising from low fertility and low water availability of its sandy soils.

Publication Date: 10 September 2020

Publication Date
Tuesday 10th November, 2020