Vietnam is rapidly growing and advancing economically, and is currently entering the next phase of economic development.

While the previous phase was based on market development and a shift from reliance on agricultural output to manufacturing, the next phase will need to focus on efficiency gains. To achieve greater productivity across all industries, the government and industry itself need reliable, up-to-date and accurate measures of technology adoption, and how technological adoption in Vietnam compares to other countries over time.

Reliable measures for technological adoption and its contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) are important for several reasons:

  1. The next economic phase depends on the adoption of new technologies.
  2. Reliable indicators will create the confidence to invest in Vietnam’s industry and research and development (R&D).
  3. The government needs more evidence to develop effective policies.

This report is the culmination of Technological change in Vietnam – The contribution of technology to economic growth, a project delivered by CSIRO’s Data61 in collaboration with the State Agency for Technology Innovation. It will play an important role in shaping policies for Vietnam’s technology development in the next phase of growth and provides insights supporting Vietnam’s economic development models to 2030, with the vision to 2045.

Publication Date: 2021

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