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Vietnam Business Champions Program 2022

The Vietnam Business Champions will promote potential markets and investment opportunities for Vietnamese investors interested in Australia. They will share insights and experiences to bridge the knowledge gaps that may hinder bilateral commerce between Vietnam and Australia, and increase engagement between the two countries key stakeholders to boost bilateral economic activities.  

The Business Champions will inspire and lead a network of businesses interested in the two countries’ markets, through impactful activities that benefit members of the network. Benefits for members of the Vietnam- Australia Business Champions Network include:

  • Gain insights and support from the Business Champions and experts in trade and investment
  • Have opportunities to partner with key enterprises in Vietnam and Australia
  • Contribute insights to the policy note recommendations for Australian and Vietnamese Governments
  • Participate in future Business Champions events

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2022 Vietnam Business Champions

Hoang Cong Trang


Nguyen Manh Hung

Member of Board of Directors,
Finance & Banking

Nguyen Thi Thao Nguyen

Deputy General Director,
Industrial Manufacturing

The Vietnamese Business Champions will engage in a wide range of activities in 2022 to promote bilateral trade and investment between Vietnam and Australia.

Develop a Business Champions Network consisting of Vietnamese enterprises that are interested in the Australian market, including those that have existing or potential activities with Australia.

Chair the Business Champions Roundtables, including the Kick-off event (23 August 2022), to share trade and investment experiences, update knowledge and connect potential businesses to bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Compose a policy note, including key findings and recommendations on bilateral trade and investment between Vietnam and Australia, and report to the Trade Ministers at the annual Economic Partnership Meeting (EPM).

Attend high-level meetings with the Government of Vietnam, the Government of Australia and other relevant stakeholders, including supporting business/trade delegation and other events.

Promote Australia – Vietnam bilateral trade and investment through their own media activities and network when appropriate.

The Vietnam Business Champions Program is supported by

Ministry of Planning and Investment

Agency for Enterprise Development

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade