Turning speculation into opportunity for tech in Vietnam - Kimiko Doan | Vietnam Surges Series EP05

Kimiko Doan is the founder of YellowBlocks, the trusted business / marketing consulting firm and B2B connector, acting as the gateway to and from Vietnam and the world, in regards to emerging tech ecosystem (AI/ML/Robotics, Blockchain, Cloud, Data).

Five years ago, the investment opportunities in Vietnam for technology companies was speculative. Over the last two to three years, Kimiko sees promising growth and interest from global investors for Vietnam’s technology ecosystem. Tune in to learn the common pitfalls which companies make and the three steps to consider before entering Vietnam.




Vietnam Surges Series is undertaken by Australia-Vietnam Leadership Dialogue and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The Series consists of 12 videos providing practical insights and highlighting unique perspectives from Vietnamese leaders and experts to promote Australia-Vietnam bilateral economic engagement, and foster the people-to-people link for stronger partnerships between Australia and Vietnam.

Throughout the series, you will hear from local business leaders and innovators in Vietnam who share insights into some of the most dynamic and exciting industries in Vietnam such as agriculture, education & ed-tech, food and beverage, technology, sustainable city development, and tourism.

Publication Date
Friday 20th May, 2022