International Volunteer Day

Australia has a long and proud history of volunteering. Since 1951, successive Australian Governments have provided more than 14,000 Australians with the opportunity to use their skills in agriculture, education, health, business and disability empowerment – just to name a few areas – while volunteering in developing countries.

Each year, with support from the Australian Government, more than 1,000 volunteers give their time, share their skills, and develop long-term industry and professional linkages across their sectors of expertise in our region. This two-way exchange is good for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction, and these long-term links are essential for making our region more stable, secure, and prosperous.

Since my appointment as Minister for International Development and the Pacific, I have travelled extensively, including 24 times to the Pacific. On my travels, I have met passionate and hardworking Australian Volunteers working closely with local people and communities. When talking with Ministers, community leaders and members of the public, I am struck by the personal relationships built with Australian Volunteers – and the life-changing impact volunteers can have in their host communities.


Your Author

Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells,
Minister for International Development and the Pacific