Deepening ties between Australia and Vietnam are underpinned by increasingly aligned views on a range of issues, including the green economy.

Recent statements from both leaders in Vietnam and Australia have articulated shared concerns about the impact of climate change, including the pressing issues of rising sea levels and intensifying weather patterns across Asia. These concerns have underscored the need for collaborative efforts, and the green economy has emerged as a promising area for cooperation.

The concept of the “green economy” in this briefing series is defined as: “An economic policy framework that supports national energy needs based on renewable resources, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, and maximum contribution to human well-being and social equity.”

The Australia-Vietnam Green Economy Program, with its capstone summit, will drive new collaboration between Australian and Vietnamese businesses in the green economy, create trade and investment opportunities, and build connections among leading experts in the bilateral relationship. Pre-summit papers and training programs will enhance Australian businesses’ knowledge, capacity and connections to seize opportunities in Vietnam’s green economy.

This is the first in a series of five briefing papers developed by AVPI Founding Partner, AsiaLink, together with the Climateworks Centre. It seeks to situate Vietnam’s green economy in the broader political, economic and geopolitical context. Subsequent papers will delve into more detail about opportunities and challenges across key aspects of the green economy.

This briefing paper was originally published by AVPI Founding Partner, AsiaLink and has been republished with full permission from the author. To view the original resource please click here.

Publication Date
Thursday 5th October, 2023