This paper aims to extend current information security compliance research by adapting “work-stress model” of the extended Job Demands-Resources model to explore how security compliance demands, organization and personal resources influence end-user security compliance. The paper proposes that security compliance burnout and security engagement as the mediating factors between security compliance demands, organizational and personal resources and individual security compliance.

The study identified three security demands, three security resources and two aspects of personal resources that influence security compliance. The study demonstrates that the security environment factors such as security demands and resources affected compliance burden and security engagement. Personal resources could play an integral role in moderating the impact of security environment on security compliance.


Publication Date: October 2016

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Hiep Cong Pham
Hiep-Cong Pham
RMIT Vietnam
Dr Jamal El-Den
Jamal El-Den
Charles Darwin University
Joan Richardson
Joan Richardson
RMIT University