Perth USAsia, AVPI Knowledge Partner, has recently published a new volume of Indo-Pacific Analysis Briefs on vocational training in Vietnam.

Authored by Ho Thai Binh, Vietnam-based social entrepreneur and 2022 Indo-Pacific Fellow of PerthUSAsia Centre, this insightful brief offers valuable recommendations for Australia-Vietnam collaboration to enhance cultural perceptions and awareness of vocational training in Vietnam.

Vietnam needs skilled workers to support its rapid economic development, but the growth of its skilled labour force isn’t keeping up with demand. Additionally, Vietnamese culture values degrees above vocational training, and students lack quality guidance on career options. This lack of skilled workers slows Vietnam’s recovery from the pandemic, but it creates an opportunity for Australia’s TAFE sector.

This Indo-Pacific Analysis Brief recommends ways Vietnam can work together with Australia to overcome these barriers to increase demand for vocational training in Vietnam and address the skills gap.

It recommends that:


  • Creates educational resources, job market forecasts, and public awareness campaigns to reduce cultural barriers on vocational training and help parents and students choose studies based on forward-looking demand.

Australian education providers

  • Collaborate with Australian Embassy and Consulate to build credibility and awareness for TAFE using alumni networks and real-life experiences from past students.
  • Offer affordable, accessible and fast TAFE programs and support services.


This article was originally published on the Perth USAsia Centre and has been republished with full permission from the author. To view the original article please click here.

Publication Date
Friday 2nd June, 2023
Your Authors
Ho Thai Binh
Indo-Pacific Fellow, PerthUSAsia Centre