The Australian APEC Study Centre (AASC) at RMIT University is a leading research and capacity building institution in the Asia Pacific region driving the advocacy of APEC’s objectives.

The AASC supports APEC’s objectives of championing free and open trade and investment within the region, through the delivery of training and research capacity building among policymakers and regulators to create positive and sustainable economic, social and educational outcomes. We use our partners and industry networks both domestically and internationally to help achieve this.

Since 2009, the AASC has worked within RMIT University to offer valuable global engagement collaboration and learning opportunities for academics and students alike. Currently the Centre offers Secretarial Services for ABAC Australia as appointed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2013, as well as Secretarial Services for AusPECC which draws on the resources of academia, business and government to advance Australia’s economic interests in the region.

In November 2020, Executive Education (EE) joined the AASC team. Like the AASC, EE works with corporate bodies and local and international governments to deliver tailored programs that provide specialist expertise to the real-world challenges confronting today’s business world. The synergies of RMIT’s expertise, capability and client relationship management through the AASC and EE play an important role in maintaining Australia’s diplomatic relationships internationally. 

Key focus areas for the AASC:

  • Championing free and open trade and investment within the region through capacity building projects
  • Offering Secretarial support services for ABAC Australia and AusPECC
  • Providing invaluable policy and research advice to governing bodies and thought leaders to advance Australia’s economic interests
  • Expertise in coordinating training programs in leadership, sustainability, urban development, strategy, innovation, marketing, finance, vocational education, entrepreneurship and design thinking